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Immediate access to your data is critical. Today’s organizations have become digital hoarders unable to find the data when they need it.

While managing and tracking a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and e-discovery request is easy, reducing the time to retrieve information related to a request across an enterprise, or simply find information to make a decision, continues to be costly, subjective, and manually intensive.  The longer it takes to find information to respond to a data discovery request, the more costly that request becomes.

In FY16 the Department of Defense processed 52,332 simple, complex, and expedited FOIA requests with an average close out time of 19,159 and 49 days respectively.  It started the year with 12,469 requests carried over from FY15 and ended the year with 13,681 requests carried over to FY17.  This business model is simply not sustainable.

Solution: AATD leverages existing information technology infrastructure and government cloud platforms to deliver a software as a service solution that complies with federal data transparency guidelines and drives down data discovery costs with absolutely no impact on existing IT production platforms.

Benefits: All information is discoverable and FOIA and e-discovery response times and program costs are dramatically reduced.