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The inability to control both access to and distribution of sensitive information is a clear and present danger that exists for all organizations.  Operational plans, contracting documents, and financial data are just three examples of critical information needed to ensure desired outcomes.  Unintentionally or maliciously, people do and will continue to move data from authorized locations to unauthorized locations.

Remediation activities that result from a failure to control access to and distribution of this type of information takes organizations off-track and delays mission accomplishment.  With most efforts focused on both network access and simple privacy data exposures, many organizations continue to neglect the insider threat that is more difficult to control

To combat this problem CIOs rely on vendors and integrators to deploy software that looks for digital patterns such as social security numbers and keywords.  As reliable as this may seem the reality is that this type of solution always results in an extraordinary amount of false positives that fail to identify actual risks to the organization. In addition, this type of solution gives leadership a false sense of security in its ability to control the distribution of sensitive information.

Solution: AATD leverages existing information technology infrastructure and government cloud platforms to deliver a software as a service solution that uses federal and organizational data and information control guidelines to identify the full spectrum of sensitive information and automatically apply digital rights management to control distribution of that information.

Benefits: Members have access to information to do their jobs but are unable to successfully share that information with unauthorized end-users.