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Records Management programs provide organization with the ability to manage documents of record in accordance with federal guidelines.

Across many federal agencies, the burden of records management falls upon the individual document creators. They must first determine if the document is a document of record and if it is, assign the correct record retention code to the properties of the document so that it can be properly stored and retained.

While this seems simple it gets complicated very quickly when one realizes that there can be thousands of retention codes that can drive multiple categories of disposition actions.  As a result, records management programs are rarely effective because they are dependent upon hundreds of document creators to correctly identify a document of record and the to apply the correct record retention code.

Solution: AATD leverages existing information technology infrastructure and government cloud platforms to deliver a software as a service solution that uses federal records management guidelines to automatically identify documents of record.

Benefits: Documents of record are auto-categorized and properly stored, retained, and destroyed in accordance with federal guidelines.