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Smart data migration understands what you are moving, why it impacts your organization, and where it should go.

High data volumes and inconsistent, unreliable, and costly human decision making regarding metadata application are factors that directly contribute to delayed migrations. If an organization does not understand the content of each data asset then it cannot determine its future value.

Data Migration Statistics

  • 84% of data migration projects fail
  • 72% of organizations delay migration because it is too risky
  • 70% of projects reported schedule overruns of about 30% while 64% reported average budget overruns of 16%
  • Major risks identified in migration included unexpected or extended downtime, budget overruns, customer impact

Solution: AATD leverages existing information technology infrastructure and government cloud platforms to deliver a software as a service solution that assesses organization data value, applies appropriate metadata, and employs organizationally defined workflows to process data for disposition.

Benefits: Current and applicable data is migrated and cloud storage costs are reduced on an average of over 60%.