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Aggregation and Normalization

GUICEprovides a seamless, aggregated view of your entire compliance landscape.  The compliance management platform delivers a graphical aggregation of all relevant laws, regulations, standards and policies in a single view. This feature of GUICE2 delivers absolute content transparency. Such a level of transparency will help mitigate the challenges and complexities of all aspect of compliance management oversight. Illustration of an aggregation of authoritative data sources encircling a compliance or requirement as shown on Illustration 1.


Illustration 1: Shows aggregation of authoritative data sources encircling a compliance priority or requirement.













Policy Development and Management

Policy development and management is seamless through dynamic graphical visualization a cross-enterprise compliance landscape as seen in Illustration 2. GUICEdelivers this in a single view. The modeling and simulation features of GUICE2 afford users the ability to preview the impact of new internal policies changes on the compliance landscape before final publishing. Mitigating the risk of implementing new policies that cause unintended noncompliance.

When it comes to policy development it is imperative that entity responsible are fully aware of how the policy aligns with other authoritative sources. It is not uncommon that organizational policies are developed and published to later be found to be noncompliant. GUICE2 mitigates this issue by offering an aggregated graphical view of all level of authoritative compliance data relevant to your priority. This is delivered in a single accurate and up-to-date cross-enterprise landscape reflecting your compliance priorities. The transparency afforded through the graphical visualization will allow policy developers the ability to model and simulate the new policy within the compliance enterprise before final publishing. 

Control Monitoring

It is a known fact that laws, regulations and policies can change without notice thus causing your organization to become noncompliant. GUICE2 mitigates this issue and will immediately deliver red alerts when external and or internal compliance cause conflicts and noncompliant situations. The sentence level visibility of compliance statements allows for rapid noncompliance mitigation Illustration 2.


Illustration 2: This graphical illustration represents the view that allow for both policy development and management and control monitoring.











Workflow and Business Systems Management

It is not uncommon that when a new workflow or business is deployed after months and sometime years of development upon the date of deployment it is noncompliant due the regularity and speed of regulatory change. This reality forces end users to develop work arounds and cross their fingers that business and it expected output is fully compliant. GUICE2 eliminates the challenges cause by constantly changing compliance, by via API infusing accurate updated compliance in the workflow or business system 24/7.

Case Management

Many times high-stakes exist when it comes to case management. For example, medical, legal, mental health and investigatory case management systems usually have little room for error. This case management systems have a heavy reliance on compliance. The problem is organizations relying on these systems, in some instance life and death, are faced with the same challenge of constantly changing compliance. As stated above, GUICE2 is designed to specifically mitigate the risk factors associate with the constant changes by infusing accurate updated relevant compliance data into the case management system 24/7.