All About The Data is now a partner integrator with iPerformX.


iPerformX is an adaptive training ecosystem designed to cultivate measurable outcomes and improved performance across the continuum of learning. Their emphasis on creating relevant data-driven technologies makes them an ideal partner for All About The Data, a high value offering to our customers. This partnership with iPerformX gives our companies the collective ability to deliver artificial intelligence-based solutions that drives improved learning across the federal landscape.

The company’s flagship product, called the iPerformX Ecosystem, measures individual and organizational performance across many training channels such as CBTs, Live-Learning, Virtual Lab, and Simulator Devices. Using advanced analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence, the iPerformX Ecosystem delivers adaptive training to correct deficiencies and accelerate learning velocity for students and instructors.

iPerformX recently teamed with All About The Data to successfully implement the Remote Academics Delivery (RAD) project for the 19th Air Force.

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