Health 3.0 is a Reality with WiCis!





COVID-19 brought us the “perfect storm” in healthcare: a lethal virus that spread quickly, a growing shortfall in the number of nurses and primary care physicians needed to care for a rapidly aging population, and a shortage of hospital beds. Also, while all of us can now expect to live longer, we are often more concerned with the quality than the length of our lives. When polled, 82% of seniors expressed a desire to age in place, and to remain connected to the people and places that give their lives meaning. Here is when a video conferencing solution is not enough and does not always provide a detailed picture of health status and from all places.

Founded by Dr. Leo Montejo – a Harvard trained and former Stanford professor of anesthesia, has over 20 years of experience in the field of telemedicine. WiCis system works from anywhere on the planet. It uses 3g, Wi-Fi or satellite to send live data from anywhere with only a second delay to any internet-connected device in the world, integrating custom CareFlows, HIPAA compliant video, and live vital signs.


  • Streams vital signs and delivers the monitoring power of an operating room to the patient anywhere, including home or the most remote locations in the world.
  • Optimizes workflows, improve speed, collaboration, communication efficiency, and patient engagement.
  • Engages physicians and nurses with patients that desire to feel connected, healthy, and independent.
  • Our HIPAA compliant forms provide an easy and secure way to collect, consolidate, and move patient data through a series of streamlined workflows.

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