Analysis Services

Foundational Approach: The data and statistical analysis industry recognize six (6) standard methodologies for valid data analysis. Our professional cadre of analysts routinely employ all six methodologies and have done so in a wide array of projects. The analysis methodologies we employ include:

  • AATD methods for analyzing existing data or information, statistical analysis of data collected, and outcome measures.
    • Descriptive
    • Exploratory
    • Inferential
    • Predictive
    • Causal
    • Mechanistic

Analysis of Operational Systems and Applications: AATD will use an enterprise architecture approach to compile and evaluate existing operational systems, applications, data, and models. We will evaluate and analyze systems to determine maturity level, using a modified version of the capability maturity model Integrated (CMMI). After establishing a base-level maturity level, we identify the desired maturity level and develop a detailed transition plan to mature the system.

Financial Auditing: We follow the guidelines in the Yellow Book when performing financial audits of government organizations. Following these guidelines gives us the ability to connect what is said and observed during an audit with reality (e.g. verifiable proof). Most government organizations are required by Congress to show accountability and transparency of their budget. Audits performed by AATD provide accountability and transparency hallmark the following qualities; competence, integrity, objectivity, and independence.