Accurate Guidance

Improve guidance clarity.

Outdated guidance has plagued our government for years. AATD assisted one of the larger federal agencies to find efficiencies in their guidance (regulations, instructions, policies, etc.); Read More

Immediate Update Capability

Keep guidance current.

Many regulatory compliance experts conclude that it can take years to coordinate and update changes to guidance because the updating process is undefined, cumbersome and manual. Read More

Metadata Tagged Compliance Items

Identify and link guidance with targeted metadata.

Today’s guidance management is akin to a pre-computer and pre-internet library system. Publications are stored and retrieved in their entirety in PDF file format. Read More

Enhanced Search Capability

Find guidance when you need it.

Past search and retrieval systems resembled an encyclopedia. If you knew what book it was in, you could find it. Read More

Full Service Compliance Management

Complete guidance managed by veteran experts.

Proper guidance management is not a one-time effort and most organizations manage their programs through episodic corrections using an inordinate amount of manpower and resources. Read More