Guidance Used to Integrate Compliance Efforts

All organizations are faced with the challenge of meeting regulatory compliance requirements; regardless of industry, everyone is accountable for their actions.  Meeting this challenge is often a moving target, as regulations evolve, agencies must stay up to date, not only on the latest requirements, but understanding how these new instructions impact existing directions and what organizational documentation must be updated.  Gaining the expertise needed to successfully complete tasks and perform the necessary reporting requirements is burdensome for even the most seasoned professional.

GUICE is a configurable framework that can be adapted to enable automated compliance for any organization. Able to connect with authoritative sources through an open API structure, the platform integrates relevant, accurate regulations/instructions; risk management feature that visually displaying conflicts and inconsistencies within datasets. Sustained and updated by AATD, GUICE provides a blueprint for understanding the linkage across a hierarchy of authoritative sources and the impact they have on any task.

  • Achieving All Your Compliance Needs and More with GUICE…

    Via a Secure Level 5 Cloud GUICE delivers an innovative and comprehensive compliance solution.  Regardless of industry, all organizations are faced with the challenge of meeting compliance requirements and are responsible for understanding the instructions, regulations, laws, and policies that govern their organization:

    • Everyone is accountable for their actions
    • Compliance is often a moving target, and agencies and their personnel must stay up to date
    • As regulations and laws evolve everyone must understand:
      • How new instructions impact existing directions
      • What organizational documentation must be updated
      • Training required for personnel to successfully complete tasks
      • Effects on reporting requirements

  • GUICE Offerings

    Available as a stand-alone resource or as a fully integrated solution, GUICE fuels users’ ability
    to achieve compliance with both speed and agility in their pursuit of excellence.


    Available as a highly scalable stand-alone solution, GUICE is a configurable compliance framework that enables organizations to integrate authoritative data sources, rapidly providing users with access to accurate, relevant compliance information. User-defined search capabilities and drill down menus allow personnel to quickly understand the regulations impacting their task(s), enables the creation of customizable checklist to be used for targeted inspections; while dynamic graphics provide visual pictures of the relationship between the hierarchical levels of compliance while highlighting conflicts for easy mitigation.


    When integrated with a case management platform, GUICE delivers a holistic, automated compliance solution. Custom workflows and checklists highlight potential areas of conflict at the field level, prompting users to reconcile inconsistencies while capturing the metadata associated with the action to facilitate auditing and improve accountability. Through user-friendly menus and dynamic graphics, GUICE guides personnel through each task, making compliance information available within the business process and helping organizations realize improved accuracy, efficiency, and performance.

  • GUICE Features

    • A configurable framework that can be adapted to enable automated compliance for any organization
    • Able to connect with authoritative sources through an open API structure
    • Integrates relevant, accurate regulations/instructions
    • Visually displays conflicts and inconsistencies within datasets
    • Sustained and updated by AATD
    • Provides a blueprint for understanding the linkage across a hierarchy of authoritative sources and the impact they have on any task
    • GUICE platform offers accurate compliance requirements and information across near endless functional communities (defense, legal, intelligence, medical, universities, FDA, network/cyber security; much more)
    • Agility to rapidly respond to any solution delivery request is primarily driven by our proven proprietary methodologies
  • Accurate Guidance

    Improve guidance clarity.

    Outdated guidance has plagued our government for years. AATD assisted one of the larger federal agencies to find efficiencies in their guidance (regulations, instructions, policies, etc.); Read More

    Immediate Update Capability

    Keep guidance current.

    Many regulatory compliance experts conclude that it can take years to coordinate and update changes to guidance because the updating process is undefined, cumbersome and manual. Read More

    Metadata Tagged Compliance Items

    Identify and link guidance with targeted metadata.

    Today’s guidance management is akin to a pre-computer and pre-internet library system. Publications are stored and retrieved in their entirety in PDF file format. Read More

    Enhanced Search Capability

    Find guidance when you need it.

    Past search and retrieval systems resembled an encyclopedia. If you knew what book it was in, you could find it. Read More

    Full-Service Compliance Management

    Complete guidance managed by veteran experts.

    Proper guidance management is not a one-time effort and most organizations manage their programs through episodic corrections using an inordinate amount of manpower and resources. Read More