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Guidance Used to Improve Compliance Efficiency and Effectiveness


What is GUICE2  ?

If you have a Compliance Management and Oversight (CMO) requirement, GUICEcan help. GUICE2 is a software solution that delivers a robust cross -enterprise approach to compliance management and oversight.  GUICE2 is a highly scalable, cloud-based and enterprise class CMO solution and much more.  The inherent innovation of the solution makes GUICE2 industry agnostic and capable of leveraging the core compliance data to drive significant business process efficiencies as well.

AATD’s compliance experience spans decades, but we started conceptualization of GUICE in mid-2012 followed by over 3 years of successful service deliveries on compliance management improvement contracts with two major federal agencies . GUICE was launched to the market in late-2018.

With the launch of GUICE2, AATD can now deliver evolutionary CMO to any industry. Users of GUICE2 are afforded a graphical aggregated view of their entire compliance landscape. Said differently, in a single view accurate compliance you can trust at a user’s fingertips. One of the greatest benefits to the data visualization GUICE2 delivers is the confidence that you’re verifiably and comprehensively in compliance relative to your particular priority.

GUICE2 easily integrate with other business system to deliver 24/7 accurate up-to-date compliance data hence making that business system compliant-based. The value of a compliance-based business system is that as authoritative compliance data change, GUICE2 automatically infuses the changes into your business; near real-time. Holistically, GUICE2 eliminates the worry and challenge of the constant changes in laws, regulations, industry standards and policies; both internal and external to your organization.

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Results of a GUICE2 Compliance Management Software Implementation

  • Ensures up to date organizational compliance 24/7
  • Transparency via single source of accuracy
  • Graphical visualization of entire compliance landscape
  • Highlights compliance conflicts and risk factors
  • Delivers compliance-based business systems
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What are the findings of research leaders?

Gartner Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company published two research reports supporting AATD’s holistic approach to CMO.  In two separate reports,  Gartner’s research report titled “Market Guide for Corporate Compliance and Oversight Solutions” dated 11 August 2017, ID: G00305296 and 30 January 2019, ID G00341322 points to the growing Corporate Compliance and Oversight (CCO) challenges in nearly all industries and levels of government.

Gartner’s findings point to five of the top industry requirements and challenges of CCO.  Gartner reported…“CCO enables a common cross-enterprise approach … This is done through support of the five major requirements for managing a compliance program…” 

To learn about how GUICE2 mitigates all five major Industry compliance challenges.

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