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Guidance Used to Integrate Compliance Efficiency and Effectiveness

What is GUICE2 ?

If you have a compliance management and oversight requirement, GUICEcan help.  GUICE is an innovative, highly scalable, cloud-based and enterprise class Compliance Management and Oversight (CMO) solution.  AATD started conceptualization of GUICE in mid-2012 followed by over 3 years of successful service deliveries on compliance management improvement contracts with two major federal agencies. GUICE was launched to the market in late-2018.

Results of a GUICE2 CMO Implementation:

  • Ensures organizational compliance 24/7
  • Transparency via single source of accuracy
  • Always current with latest updates
  • Visualization of entire compliance landscape
  • Highlights compliance conflicts and irregularities
  • Minimizes risk with modeling/simulation
  • Automated processes, workflows, checklists
  • Compliance-based business systems
  • Saves time, money, and manpower
  • Accelerates performance and productivity
  • Simple/accurate reporting & auditing
  • Ensures accountability across programs
  • More to time focus on core business priorities

What are the findings of research leaders?

Gartner Inc., the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company published two research reports supporting AATD’s holistic approach to CMO.  In two separate reports,  Gartner’s research report titled “Market Guide for Corporate Compliance and Oversight Solutions” dated 11 August 2017, ID: G00305296 and 30 January 2019, ID G00341322 points to the growing Corporate Compliance and Oversight (CCO) challenges in nearly all industries and levels of government. 

Gartner’s findings point to five of the top industry requirements and challenges of CCO.  Gartner reportedCCO enables a common cross-enterprise approach … This is done through support of the five major requirements for managing a compliance program…”  

  1. Policy development  
  2. Aggregation and normalization 
  3. Control monitoring  
  4. Workflow management  
  5. Case management 

AATD’s GUICE software solution delivers on all five major requirements by mitigating the challenges of Corporate Compliance Oversight (CCO) and management reported by Gartner Inc.   

What is Compliance? 

Compliance is a fact of life.  As you view the graphic below, it is likely you’ll see an element of compliance relevant to your life, business and or industry.  As shown in the graphic, we’re all impacted by some elements of compliance.  When we as individuals fail to comply element of compliance, penalties may the result.  This same apply to organizations governmental and non-governmental.  Research and experience consistently point to the lack of transparency as a major driver for the shortfalls of successful CMO.   



What are some penalties for non-compliance? 

Failure to establish effective compliance oversight and management can lead to costly monetary fines, loss of license, forced business closures, criminal liabilities and jail time; in some case physical injury and loss of life.   What are the penalties for non-compliance in your business or industry?  

Transparency is key:   GUICE delivers compliance transparency; to the sentence level as a single source of accuracy via an aggregated graphical display of relevant authoritative sources ranging from U.S. Code, state/local laws, regulations to internal organizational policies. With GUICE, we connect all relevant compliance to your business priorities; delivered in single view. 

How does GUICEmitigate all five major Industry compliance challenges?  

Policy Development and Management (PDM):  PDM is seamless through dynamic graphical visualization, GUICEdelivers a single view of your entire compliance landscape. GUICE2 modeling and simulation feature provides the ability to test new policies for compliance accuracy prior to implementation. 

Aggregation and Normalization: GUICEprovides a seamless, aggregated view of your entire compliance landscape.  Compliance conflicts are made visible and can be rapidly mitigated. 

Control and Monitoring Compliance Priorities:  This speaks to the benefit of compliance transparency GUICE provides. GUICEdelivers real-time, 24/7 monitoring of the relationships between an organizations policies and other relevant compliance sources. GUICE provides enterprise updates and alerts when changes occur that impact compliance priorities.

Workflow and Case Management Systems:  One of the most difficult compliance challenges is the speed of change. Compliance requirements are changing all the time and must be integrated into existing business systems. GUICE integrates seamlessly with other systems and provides a 24/7 infusion of updated compliance data. Integrated systems are transformed into compliance-based systems; always current with the latest compliance requirements. 

 GUICE2 Demo