Transforming directive management in the government space is a difficult yet critical task.  Laws, instructions, directives, and policy memorandums must be analyzed and cross referenced to ensure both relevancy, currency, and enforceability.

Legislative mandates must be broken down and relationships between new legislation and existing agency guidelines have to be established to determine if the new legislation is fully addressed, partially addressed or not addressed at all within existing agency documents.

Solution: Deployed in multiple Department of Defense projects, GUICE-AI (pronounced Juice) leverages custom rulesets that train artificial intelligence to identify contradictory and redundant statements within different federal agency documents to include the laws they are based on.  GUICE-AI serves up contradictory statements to appropriate document OPRs, provides recommendations on how to resolve them, and applies approved changes across all effected documents.

Benefits: GUICE-AI provides faster, more efficient access to information and a streamlined directives management processes. This is a new approach to guidance management which allows federal agencies to:

  • Identify and resolve conflicts and inconsistencies between directives and federal law.
  • Remove outdated and redundant information.
  • Provide alerts and immediate update capability driven by legislative changes.
  • Ensure directives are up to date at all times.