Data Migration

Learn more about AATD's Process for a Successful Data Migration


Step 1

Review & Analyze Data Set

During this step we would request an intermediate set of each type data that will be migrated. Upon receiving the data our resources will analyze the data to find any unknown issues with the data set.


Step 2

Data Governance

Data Governance Framework is a critical step in any data migration effort. Governance is essential to guide the migration and ensure the data, once migrated, is maintained in a compliant maintained in a compliant manner.


Step 3

Data Cleansing

Here our resources have taken out all the data that has been deemed faulty and provided the customer with a list of the errored data so they can determine what they would like to do moving.


Step 4

Data Categorization

We create and deploy a Managed Metadata Environment that enables that automatic categorization of all content by organization, function, product line, and cyber-security guidelines. We leverage the existing information technology infrastructure and government cloud platforms to deliver a software as a service (SaaS) solution that complies with federal information governance guidelines.


Step 5

Data Migration – Script and Plan Development

Now that the data has been analyzed and cleansed our resources will begin the process of developing the scripts and data migration plan for the customer. We then develop a plan of action by breaking down migration into five tasks: Developing a migration plan/scope, develop data mapping spreadsheets, development sprints, migration documentation and testing and support.


Step 6

Step 6 - Data Migration

Test Migration With Larger Data Set

After updating the documentation we will proceed with a test migration of a larger data set in the development environment.


Step 7

Refactor Scripts Based Migration of Larger Data Set

Go back and refactor documentation based on any issues that arise during test migration.


Step 8

Conduct the Final Data into the Production Environment

After we’ve refactored the documentation, we will move forward with conducting the data migration into the production environment.


Step 9

Continuous Customer Support

Continuous Customer Support

Once the final data migration is completed, AATD will continue to support the customer if any data migration issues come up.