Why do business with us?

With over 70 years of combined military experience in various levels of enterprise IT and cyber solutions, we are humble and confident in our ability to deliver superior results to our customers.

As an IT solution integrator and now business owner, over the last ten years, we’ve proven our ability to deliver innovative solutions to our customers. Doing business with AATD will be a positive experience, and it will be clear you are our most important customer in the world. Our corporate culture is customer-centered and solutions-focused, and every member of our team is passionate about our commitment to exceeding your expectations.

Our team remains laser-focused on delivering the absolute best value to our customers. We also believe that no two customers are the same, and this demands our undivided attention to your wants and needs. We earn our customers’ trust by delivering on our promise.

AATD’s team of veterans uses our intellectual property, GUICE2, an innovative, cloud-based compliance management Solution as a Service to mitigate “all things compliance challenges” for our clients. We also offer an impressive array of over 800,000 “best of breed” IT products at a competitive price. As a solution integrator, we are very fortunate to offer two of the most innovative artificial intelligence-based solution in the market today. I invite you to learn more about these impressive and relevant technologies.

We also partner with many other Fortune 500 companies committed to cutting-edge technology to address tomorrow’s challenges. Our commitment to innovative solutions ensures the most relevant and up-to-date solutions are available to our customers.
We make procurement fast and seamless with our federal customer as prime contract holders on multiple procurement vehicle options. We can deliver quality products and solutions within the United States and to our NATO allies abroad. We keep your cost of doing business with us low via daily team focus on efficiency in our internal business processes.

We ask you for the opportunity to prove these are not mere words, so contact us today, and we would love to discuss your “art of the possible.”

With sincere respect,
Vern Putnam
Chairman and President

For all your IT Products and Service needs, contact AATD at (844) 255-2283 Ext 1